Outsource research

Accurate, relevant research is essential but time-consuming. Let an experienced research assistant from our team explore the background information you need for your report, marketing, white paper, or day-to-day business.

Research assistant support

Research has many applications, from finding hard data and statistics to underpin a report, to getting a feel for a new market or examining the appetite for a new service. Whatever level of research assistant support you require, Get Ahead can help.

Our experienced research assistants use a range of data sources, from a quick search engine search to detailed analysis of market reports. We’ll always try and connect you with a research assistant who already knows your industry – they’ll have the sources at their fingertips, or at least know where to look.

Our marketing team has lots of experience in delivering marketing research, helping you to understand your current strengths and whether it’s time to diversify.

With thorough, reliable research delivered by a Get Ahead research assistant, you can be confident that the information you’re drawing on is trustworthy.

Get Ahead specializes in filling in the skills gap in your team. If you need research assistant services but you don’t have the right expertise in-house, we’re here to help. And only paying for the hours you need means we’re a cost-effective solution for any business.

We’ll find you a virtual expert who not only has the right expertise but is also the best fit for your business. They’ll be able to deliver the right level of research for your needs, as well as fit in with your existing team and business ethos.