Online event management

Online event management

Online event management is a great solution for Zoom conferencing, Microsoft Teams events, and more. We’ll work behind the scenes to keep the tech side running smoothly, freeing you to participate in the event and give it your full attention.

What support is included in online event management?

  • Setting up events and meetings
  • Branding backgrounds, webinars, and emails
  • Managing registration, including creating custom links to track how participants heard about your event
  • Creating and running polls
  • Setting up breakout rooms and managing them during the meeting
  • Managing the waiting room
  • Muting participants as required
  • Responding to comments in the chat pane
  • Downloading and editing video recordings of your webinar
  • Exporting participants reports
  • Solving most technical hitches!

Why choose Get Ahead’s outsourced online event management?

Online event management is a great support solution for any conference or webinar organizer.

Our experienced online event managers have been supporting businesses with virtual conferencing since 2020. They’ve managed events across different countries and time zones and used a range of online communication software including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and more.

Our event managers work behind the scenes at your meeting, conference, event, or webinar, offering an “on-call” service to ensure everything runs smoothly. From the setting-up stage through to downloading video recordings of your event, addressing issues via the chat facility to setting up breakout rooms, our specialists provide a wide range of expertise to help you get the best from video conferencing.

We offer a complete service, but like all Get Ahead services, it’s flexible. You can use as much or as little of it as you need.

Before the event, we can:

Discuss it with you to understand the aims and objectives

  • Set up the event online
  • Send invitations and links to all the attendees
  • Add attendees’ details to communications groups like WhatsApp so they can easily contact the facilitator during the event.
  • Create accounts for the chosen software

During the event, we can:

  • Record discussions
  • Manage waiting rooms
  • Answer queries in the chat
  • Mute participants as required
  • Create and manage breakout rooms
  • Troubleshoot technical problems

After the event, we can:

  • Send follow-up communications
  • Edit and share videos of the event
  • Attend and support evaluation meetings